At the End of the Day

[UPDATE 12/05/2013: This poem was published in the University of Mary Washington’s literary magazine, Aubade!]

At the End of the Day 

The sky was on fire with dying stars

and she had shimmied her way

to insanity

looking up at the sky her neck

was crooked and sore

but she didn’t want to

tear her gaze from their light

and she giggled as she realized

it was like looking at the gas rising

from long dead bodies

at the morgue

where they kept

her mom

but not anymore

she was a star

rising into the dusk-ridden

sky at the end of the day

when there was nothing left to do

but float off into oblivion

with the rest of the bodies

of stars that made up the Milky Way

in a flash of silver and red

and a bang.


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