From Blurry to Focused

The school year has officially started and we have to begin remembering what it means to focus on homework and grades rather than summer jobs and suntans. Not only is this year the first year in which I’ve only had one class MWF, but it’s also the first year I’ve lived in an apartment! In appreciation of this great development, my photo is of the gorgeous bouquet my roommate’s mom gave us for our dining room table.

[Click on the picture for better resolution]

Things in the background are usually brushed aside or blurred out, but I oftentimes realize that it’s those things in the background usually are the most interesting. I love the dark purple-y outline where the pink flower kisses the green and I love the way the pink fades as the petals reach out. I love the way the stem bends almost at a ninety degree angle because the flower wants to see what the wooden table looksΒ like and I love the way it doesn’t seem to mind that the red and yellow flowers are in front, faces lifted up towards the camera. It is in the background that true stories are told, masks are removed and real life happens.

This year at school my goal, well, one of them, is to try and focus on the stuff in the background–hot showers, bare feet, quiet time, a good nights sleep, stuff that I would usually brush off as not-super-important-or-interesting. I want my life to be genuine and real, even if that means I get to be all blurry in someone else’s background.

What are some of your goals for this upcoming year? Have you ever noticed anything particularly interesting in the background? Let me know what you think in the comments and happy Monday!


7 thoughts on “From Blurry to Focused”

  1. Goals for this year? Since my presence on WP is focused on photography, I’ll stick with photography related goals. Spend even more time in the mountains, especially in the winter, see and photograph more black bears, generally make even better photographs than last year, and more effectively market my images so I can be one step closer to becoming the “photographer who used to be an auto mechanic,” instead of the mechanic who also takes pictures.

    1. Wow! Those sound like great goals–I love the mountains, but I don’t know if I could handle winter up there! Although I do love sweaters so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad…I like how you want to be a phtographer-who-used-to-be-an-auto-mechanic, that is a solid goal to strive for. Thanks for sharing, I love hearing about what’s important to you

      1. I’ll let you in on a secret most people don’t know. As long as you’re properly dressed for it, winter hiking is actually easier than during the rest of the year. All the roots, rocks, and boulders are covered with snow, instead of scrambling over and around them, you just walk right over them.

        1. I’ll be expecting a full report. Let me warn you though, it’s very addicting! And as any trip through an REI catalog will tell you, the proper clothing can get a little pricey. But once the allure of winter in the woods has you, you’re hooked for life.

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