I Don’t Want to Find Myself

I never change, I become myself. -Joyce Carol Oates

This six word quote sums up my foreseeable future. College is all about “finding yourself”, blah, blah, blah, I know, I know. Image But I don’t want to find myself, I want to become myself…do you see the difference? The first infers that you have a self currently, but you want to find a new one. I like who I am at the moment and I don’t want to find a new self that is apparently my real self? The latter describes a process that you probably won’t know is taking place, like growing into that bra you bought in a moment of overconfidence with your friends. Personally, I like the idea of becoming yourself, it takes a lot of the pressure off. I’m never going to wake up one day, look and the mirror and be like, “Oh! There you are!”. Life is not a chick flick, no matter how much we try to make it or imagine it to be like one. every-chick-flick I’m not the same person I was freshman year, but I haven’t found myself, I’ve just become more of myself. And I plan on continuing to grow–I have small boobs, trust me, I have lots of time. I have no idea what my future will look like (okay, well, I plan on graduating college, but after that all bets are off), but I do know that change will be a constant. I plan on taking one day at a time and one day when I look back in 20 years I’ll laugh and shake my head at all the things I got wrong. But in 20 years I will not be the same, I will just be more myself. And that sounds like a great plan to me. What do you think about “finding yourself”? Are you more about the process or the destination? Looking back at your younger self, what is one thing you’d tell them about your future self? Leave your answers in the comments and have a great week!