Meet Mandy

I’m currently taking a fiction class at school and I wrote a dialogue centered piece, which I don’t usually do, but I had a lot of fun writing it. I’ve give you a brief run-down on the character I’ve created for that class,  I like the way she’s turned out so far. If you have any suggestions about how to flesh my character out or make her more relatable/genuine, I’d love to hear them so post your ideas in the comments!

Character Composite:

Character name: Amanda (Mandy)

Date of Birth: 08/15/1999, held back a year in school due to her dyslexia so she’s in eighth grade

Place of Birth: Palmyra, Missouri (still lives there, on a farm with her family)

Physical attributes: Tall (5’7) and gangly, long legs, Caucasian (gets really tan in the summer because she spends all her time at the pool–desperately wants to be a lifeguard), cloudy green eyes, round face, long light brown hair (but turns dirty blonde in the summer), swimmers body (on swim team)

Some likes: Swimming, reading, Helping her dad bale hay/do chores around the farm (collect eggs from the chicken coop, feed cows, ect.)

Some dislikes: homework, her sister, family dinner


“Amanda, you’ve been here all afternoon and you still haven’t finished your chores at home.”

Mandy rolled her eyes, wondering how long it would take to swim 400 miles away from here.

“That was for the swim meet, it doesn’t count and I have, like, two more things to do at home and I promise I’ll do them when I get back! Besides, the pool’s only open a few more hours, I’ll be home by eight!”

Her mom raised a carefully filled-in eyebrow and pursed her lips.

“You, young lady, will be home in time for supper—six thirty on the dot, at the table, hands washed, grace said. It’s a sit down meal tonight and no one is getting out of it, not you and not your father.”

Mandy spotted the opening and took it,

“So I can stay if I’m home in time for dinner?”

Her mom sighed,

“Yes, but make sure you are home on time or you’ll have twice as many chores tomorrow. I’ll go talk to Kelsey’s mom to make sure you have a ride home.”

Mandy grinned,

“Thanks mom, you’re the best!”

She waved as Mandy jumped back into the pool,

“Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen!”

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