The Land of Moose, Syrup and Sweaters!

Fall break is upon us and I’ll be spending it in Canada for Thanksgiving! I didn’t really know why Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving since they didn’t really interact with Native Americans the same way English colonists did so I looked it up.

As a liturgical festival, Thanksgiving corresponds to the English and continental European Harvest festival, with churches decorated with cornucopia, pumpkins, corn, wheat sheaves, and other harvest bounty, English and European harvest hymns sung on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, and scriptural selections drawn from biblical stories relating to the Jewish harvest festival of Sukkot. –Wikipedia

So there will be a big dinner and family will come together and it’ll be a great time! I’ll be sure to post some pictures once the festivities are over so you can appreciate the Canadian tradition of Thanksgiving. Until then, enjoy your weekend and remember to give thanks for what you have every day of the year.

Stop by the comments and let me know what you’re thankful for!


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