How To Survive Family Vacation

  1. Pack your favorite fuzzy sweater
  2. Ear plugs
  3. Coffee coffee coffee
  4. Use teeth whitener a week before to hide your coffee stained teeth
  5. Find your own space to breathe, even if it means hiding in the bathtub with a pillow and your laptop
  6. Realize that four’s company and eight’s a crowd
  7. Avoid talking about yourself by constantly asking your relatives questions about their own life
  8. Master the art of sleeping with your eyes open
  9. Download new apps on your idevice so you always look busy
  10.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!


The body is on the pavement like pigeon shit,

splat against the concrete,

the blood pattern tight and clean

in a circle where the heart used to be,

now just empty space where a bullet

thought it would look for love.


On rainy days children jump in puddles

like these, the red wine their parents

drank at dinner splattered convincingly

across their chests,

stains growing across

the veins in their neck


until they too are flat on the pavement

like half-dried pigeon shit.

End of Year Goals

  • Go to DC for spoken word/open mics
  • Marathon Classic Who
  • Yoga
  • Drink more water
  • Make crepes
  • Ice Skating
  • Connect with high school friends
  • Read more poetry
  • Organize school schedule
  • Tests for education major
  • Focus on what makes me happy


Moonlight curls gently around the skyline

and all is quiet in the forest,

the bark of the redwoods run raw

by deer hungry for food they can’t find,

the wine red berries already crushed

between flat teeth and wet tongues;

winter is a shroud of mist

fallen over the trees

and the doe pauses

at the base of the meadow

to see if the way is clear.

For Sale

The place underneath my skin,

the secret keeper,

hurts like

pieces of yesterday I told myself

I would sell

for forgiveness

but no one buys paintings of rusty swing sets

in a park they’ve never been too

and you don’t want them back

because your eyes are too full of happy to

hold me anymore.