Waiting for the Sky

She sits at their roots


for the sky to call her beautiful

her eyes hunting

for sunlight between

branches that hide the moon

as the wind winds its fingers

through her hair, pushing strands across her

skin in the pale glow

of a trembling forest

and she stands when the

oak trees begin to hum

a deep throaty sound

that envelops her in whispered dreams

of green grass and a white stag

leaving an ache in her bones

and water in her veins

it’s surface pulsating

with the sound and she can hardly bear

the weight of it, its tempo rising

louder and louder until she takes their

branches in her hands to dance

and they step, twirling with the rise

and falls of yesterdays and tomorrows

through the luminosity of stars

in the blaze of dawn, faster and faster

she is nothing but dust and golden cobwebs

their bodies bright with lightening and desire

and her hair is fire and her eyes rubies

the motions of her arms

fluid and diamond in the dark

the thrum of oak and pine

spinning tales of redemption and ruin

until all that is left

is ethereal and it will be enough.

It is


Hot Body or Hot Tea?

New year, new habits! While most people tend to focus on bettering themselves at the start of the new year, I decided that my new years resolution was to start drinking hot tea. Now, I hate tea. Every tea I’ve ever tried, Earl Grey, Chamomile, fruity tea, anything that has that tea flavor I don’t like.

But my goal in life includes tea. Picture this:

You’re sitting in a large, open room with big, Victorian windows at a vintage, mahogany desk overlooking the streets of Bath, England, mid-afternoon. This is where Jane Austen lived and wrote a majority of her novels; Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility were all penned here. You’re wearing a gorgeous period accurate gown that billows around your ankles and accentuates all your best features, even if it restricts your breathing a bit. In your hand you hold a calligraphy pen, with which you are writing a letter to your sister who is currently taking a holiday in the country. It’s a dreary day, as usual, but the grey clouds don’t seem so grey as you wrap your hands around your cup of tea, a warm reminder that even the dreariest days can offer warmth to the soul. You take a small sip and sigh in contentment as the warmth of the tea resonates through your body. You put the tea down next to you and finish your letter, folding it in thirds and sealing with wax and your family seal. You then take your tea and proceed to the library, where you spend the rest of the afternoon engaged in the adventures of Elizabeth Bennet as she struggles to be true to herself and find true love.

Without tea, that beautiful afternoon would be nothing. It completes the picture!

Therefore, I will learn to love tea, even if takes all year. Some people want a hot body or to spend more time with their kids, but I opt for the road less traveled. The road of burnt tongues and broken mugs.

I take the road of hot tea.

I urge you, tea lovers everywhere, to impart to me your favorite types of tea or ways to make tea taste better. I cannot walk this road alone! Leave your wisdom in the comments or tweet me. I hope your new year endeavors are successful!

Winter in Utah

We dubbed them the “Misty Mountains” from the Hobbit–they were gorgeous!
Beautiful ski slopes
Mormon Architecture
The water was so still and the lights so lovely
Fun outfits!
Goodbye Utah