On Being Brave

Being brave is like being a tadpole. You’re  swimming along at the bottom of a pond and suddenly you realize you have legs. Do you stay in the water, where you know you’ll be safe, or bob to the surface and peek around before trying your new legs out? Nature decides for the tadpole, but in this metaphor YOU get to decide. Stay in safety or take the risk?

Growing up is hard. Doing the adult thing, making adult choices, taking responsibility for all your actions. Child-you is trying to convince Adult-you to keep things simple, why get out when you can just stay in? But you do it anyway, even if others don’t agree. Because that’s part of growing up. Realizing that not everyone will agree with the choices you make and might even be disappointed with them, but they are still your choices.  We just have to be brave enough to own them.  

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.
-Coco Chanel

Growing up in a Christian family has its pros and cons. But one thing I never learned to do well growing up was ask questions. God has all the answers, so why should I bother creating conflict when He’s already got it all figured out? Wrong! Life isn’t like Sunday school where the answer is a Bible verse you memorize when you were two. People have questions and that’s okay. We shouldn’t let fear keep us from asking questions or from finding our own answers. Being a young twenty-something is the epitome of having nothing  but questions.  How do I file taxes, how do I fix my leaky faucet, how do I tell my parents that I’m definitely not a republican?

A year ago I would have been the tadpole that grew into a frog but was too afraid to get out of the water. I would have been content to stay beneath the ripples, conflict free. But I don’t want to be that tadpole anymore, I want to own my adult life and be MYSELF. I want to be brave enough to ask questions, and make adult decisions, knowing full well I’ll have to take responsibility for the consequences. And I think I can do that. Can you?

With a little courage, I think we can all be frogs together.


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