Learning to Love the Yeast Beast

There are pros to having a yeast infection? Yes, ladies, there are, you just have to look hard enough. And then maybe look some more. They’re there somewhere.

  • This is your vagina, say hello, you are now best friends forever
  • Coconut oil is the windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  • Probiotics = best thing you will ever do for your body
  • You get to name it fun things like the yeast beast
  • Complaining about yeast infections with other women basically bonds you for life
  • Thought apple cider vinegar was just for cooking? Wrong.
  • New favorite thing: going commando
  • You realize you do have the strength to drink 100% cranberry juice after all
  • Perfect excuse to buy more dresses/skirts
  • You learn that the female genitalia is a delicate and sometimes hostile ecosystem
  • One word: garlic
  • Ever feel embarrassed undressing at the doctor? Not anymore!
  • Realizing you are one strong motherfucker
  • Cotton underwear is comfiest thing you’ve ever purchased

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