Yogurt Mask

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! One thing I have recently discovered and am very thankful for is the yogurt face mask.

Now, I have very sensitive skin and not many things can go on my face. There have been many days where I’m a swollen, red mess thanks to allergies and the wrong moisturizer or cream. Even DIY face masks and other natural remedies only seem to make everything swell up. I learned the hard way not to put any raw fruit on my face (no banana and oats, no strawberries to exfoliate), and the aloe vera does not go near my lips ever.

I love natural solutions, though, so I’ve kept trying. Trust me, I can recognize that little tingle that tells me my face is about to explode in less than 5 seconds. And it has finally paid off.

Plain Yogurt. On your face. It’ll dry and you rinse it off. It’s that simple.

They say you can mix in a puree of fruit if you want, but I know my face so I left that out. And please, please, please, remember to get PLAIN yogurt. With as little sugar as possible=unsweetened. No yogurt with extra anything, no flavors, no processed anything, just plain. And try and get organic because that is better for your skin.

Benefits? Well we already know that yogurt is a great dish to help with the digestive system, it has calcium and healthy live bacteria. So if you buy a large container of plain yogurt you can eat some while you put it on your face! Here are a few benefits I experienced, plus extra ones I found when I looked up yogurt masks up online:

  • Fights and heals acne
    • Zinc found in yogurt helps regulate oil production in the sebaceous glands thereby preventing oily skin and frequent acne breakouts
    • It also calms the skin, reducing redness and swelling
  • Moisturizes
    • The anti-oxidants provided by calcium in yogurt help prevent and also heal dry scaly skin (works great with eczema)
    • One cup of yogurt contains 30.5% riboflavin which is a beneficial vitamin for skin that is glowing and hydrated
  • Tightens pores
    • Zinc in yogurt has been found to have mild anti-astringent properties that help tighten tissues
  • Reduces wrinkles
    • Lactic acid in yogurt is very beneficial in helping steer away wrinkles and reducing any already existing wrinkles

Other things you can do to help your face: drink lots of water, eat healthy foods (veggies) and exercise. With all the food we’ve eaten and will eat over the next few days, give your face a break with a yogurt mask–your body will thank you.

Celebrity Brunch

I’ve thought long and hard about the top 3 famous people I’d like to each brunch with, and I decided that they all must be alive, otherwise it would be me, Sylvia Plath, Harriet Tubman and Jane Austen. And I say brunch because let’s be real, brunch is the best meal of the day. Atmosphere would be low-key, and casual, maybe at a little cafe with funky artwork on the walls. I’m always up for funky. The very exclusive guest list would include:

  1.  Tom Hiddleston. How can you go from sexy, you-will-kneel, villain to adorable man who spends his free time working with UNICEF and supporting women everywhere? We would have so much to talk about, I’d have so many questions about what it’s like to volunteer in West Africa, what it’s like to wear historically accurate costumes while acting in Henry V and, of course, what it’s like to be a super villain.
  2. Nicole Perlman. First woman to write the script of a Marvel film, specifically, Guardians of the Galaxy. What is cooler than a woman who is passionate about aliens and science and gets to write about it? Nothing.
  3. Julie Andrews. I have so much respect for this woman. Not only was she made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth ll for her services to the performing arts, she also rose above rough circumstances to become the famous icon we know today, singing on Broadway and acting in everything from Mary Poppins to The Princess Diaries. If I could spend the rest of my life with her, I would.

Undoubtedly, my list will change, but for now, these are the famous people I’d give anything to have brunch with. I think the four of us would have so much to talk about, I’d be completely happy to sit with them all afternoon. What about you, who would you have at your table?

How Not to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

  1. Start a really good book and read into the wee hours of the night
  2. Tell yourself you can still break into the music biz if you start now
  3. Get food poisoning
  4. Have a really serious discussion with a friend over Skype
  5. Decide you want to start a rhymes-only blog
  6. Don’t sleep on your bed
  7. Fall in love and write a crazy amount of bad poetry
  8. Prank call your parents
  9. Try your hand at haikus
  10. Go to Petsmart and adopt a puppy
  11. Write all your friends letters telling them how much you love them
  12. Decide to steal the Declaration of Independence
  13. Don’t take your sleeping pills
  14. Poke all of your friends on facebook and wait for a response
  15. Become a famous rapper
  16. Dye your hair on a whim
  17. Think about what would happen if you became a serial killer
  18. Try and persuade your friends to run away and become a lumberjack with you
  19. See how long you can hop on one foot