How Not to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

  1. Start a really good book and read into the wee hours of the night
  2. Tell yourself you can still break into the music biz if you start now
  3. Get food poisoning
  4. Have a really serious discussion with a friend over Skype
  5. Decide you want to start a rhymes-only blog
  6. Don’t sleep on your bed
  7. Fall in love and write a crazy amount of bad poetry
  8. Prank call your parents
  9. Try your hand at haikus
  10. Go to Petsmart and adopt a puppy
  11. Write all your friends letters telling them how much you love them
  12. Decide to steal the Declaration of Independence
  13. Don’t take your sleeping pills
  14. Poke all of your friends on facebook and wait for a response
  15. Become a famous rapper
  16. Dye your hair on a whim
  17. Think about what would happen if you became a serial killer
  18. Try and persuade your friends to run away and become a lumberjack with you
  19. See how long you can hop on one foot

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