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Body Love Pt. 1

I’m going to be that cliche blogger for a tiny second here and give you the definition of life-giving, only because I tried to articulate it and didn’t quite know how. Life-giving: imparting, or having the ability to impart, life or vitality; invigorating; vitalizing. 

Going into this whole love my body thing, I must admit I thought it would be easier than this. I’d just listen to a lot of Beyonce and compliment my body. But once you become more aware of your body it’s actually harder to be nice to it because you start to pick up on so many little things. Like, oh, I didn’t notice before but I have way too much fat under my chin, or, oh, I didn’t realize how much sugar I actually eat on a regular day.

And making decisions based on loving your body is easy when you’re having a good day and feel confident or you refuse to let things bother you, but on bad days? How do you love your body when you just, don’t? When it’s rainy out and you’re wearing an oversized sweater to hide the fact that you feel bloated and gross? I hate the way it sometimes looks like I have a double chin and that I gave up soda but I now drink way too much lemonade (there’s a lot of sugar in lemonade, btw, don’t ask how much, just don’t). You can’t just suddenly be like, yes, now I will stop that.

One of my dearest friends recently gave me an idea. We had this great discussion about making decisions and how to think critically about things that are important, and she asked me to think about what is life-giving. My brain got super excited and was just like, Yes. 

So I’ve taken to asking myself, Is it life-giving?

Does staring at my chin make me feel invigorated? NO. Does constantly analyzing my eating habits make a good platform for vitality? NO. I want to be happy, to be content with who I am and what I look like, not because I fit some norm, but because I can look at myself as a person and think I am enough. Whatever that entails at the moment.

I might think that my chin is fatty or that my hair is too frizzy, or whatever. But I want to do things that are life-giving. Today I got a haircut and some lady walked in and said, “Oh, I like her hair”. And she was talking about me.

Not every day is a Beyonce day, but even Beyonce has days that are hard. That are sad. That are rough. But one thing Beyonce and I have in common, besides our rockin’ bodies, is that we don’t let those days bring us down.

“I know I’m stronger in the songs than I really am. Sometimes I need to hear it myself. We all need to hear those empowering songs to remind us.” -Beyonce Knowles