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Mini-list of Happiness

  1. Big sweatshirts
  2. Stylin bangs
  3. Peach whiskey
  4. Temperature above 35 degrees
  5. Spontaneous sleepovers
  6. Sun Daze by Florida Georgia Line
  7. Being productive
  8. Knitting
  9. Making a difference
  10. Deep breaths
  11. My betta fish
  12. Big Hugs
  13. Chopping vegetables
  14. Not wearing pants
  15. Naps

End of Year Goals

  • Go to DC for spoken word/open mics
  • Marathon Classic Who
  • Yoga
  • Drink more water
  • Make crepes
  • Ice Skating
  • Connect with high school friends
  • Read more poetry
  • Organize school schedule
  • Tests for education major
  • Focus on what makes me happy

The Winds of Change

Change. Good? Bad? Meh?

Even though I’m not always gung-ho about change, I try to embrace the process. I think it pushes us out of our comfort zones, to new places, to new people, to try new things. Change is the catalyst that introduces new experiences so that we can grow as individuals.


Lists always make me feel like I have at least some control over my life. I might need to figure out what I want to do as an independent adult, but I also need to go to Wal-Mart and buy some yogurt. I’ve posted below a list of things that change and the great thing is that not all of these things are negative!

  1. The weather
  2. Grades
  3. Your favorite type of pizza
  4. If you have a cold
  5. Where you consider home
  6. Bad habits
  7. Hair length
  8. How many siblings you have
  9. Your friends
  10. Feeling sad
  11. Where you live
  12. If you’re single or dating
  13. The number of shoes you own
  14. How much money you have
  15. Your feelings on Justin Bieber

How do you feel when it comes to change? Do lists help you feel more in control or are they an unnecessary nuisance?

Have a great week, bloggers!