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Are You Talented?

I don’t have very many talents that I can physically show people. I was never good at sports, I don’t have any trophies, and if you asked me to type with two hands I’d laugh. So there are lots of talents I wish I had but don’t. Not to put myself down, I am good at other things, like reading, listening, working with kids, being compassionate and typing with one hand. But I can’t really challenge someone to a listening contest–I think I’d die of boredom!

In the theme of practice makes perfect, I am teaching myself how to knit this semester!


For one of my education classes we have to teach ourselves something new so we can more fully understand the struggles our students go through as they learn their letters and how to read. I’m supposed to keep a mini-journal on how I learn and how I feel while I learn. One of my roommates knows how to knit so I might ask her for help, but I think I’m going to try and youtube it before I ask. I was never good at asking for help…I guess this will be good because not all of my students will find asking for help easy either.

I want to create an atmosphere in my classroom where hard work is valued and complimented, rather than just “smarts” because there is a difference and I know I never found being smart easy like a lot of my peers growing up. No one wants to seem dumb, but asking for help does not equal stupidity. Being naturally good at math is great, but learning is about being challenged, and all students need to practice to reach their full potential.

Elementary classroom setting.  Focus on teacher and chalkboard.

What are some talents you wish you had but don’t? Are those talents that you can physically show people, or are the more abstract? Can you type with two hands, or am I the only one challenged by the keyboard? Have a great week and leave your answers in the comments!